News Release

News Release from A New NATEA Lifetime Member - Pelu Tran:
Hello John Yu and NATEA members,

Thank you, it's a pleasure to be introduced.

A brief introduction - I attended Stanford for engineering and medicine before leaving to start my first company in 2012 called Augmedix. We build a platform on Google Glass that provides real-time telemedicine solutions for American physicians. Over the past 5 years we've grown that company to over 1000 people and have raised nearly $100M in funding, including investments from several of the largest health systems in the US. We've received recognition from institutions like the World Economic Forum, Harvard Business School, Forbes, Fast Company, and the Aspen Institute, to name a few.

Leveraging those relationships and traction, I've recently started building a new company called Ferrum which helps physicians detect and intervene on medical errors before the affect patient care and have had some early wins working with Taiwanese hospitals.

Look forward to meeting you all on this trip.

All the best,

Pelu Tran
NATEA Lifetime Member

Editorial Note:

Pelu Tran has joined the NATEA 2018 Taiwan Visiting Delegation from April 16 through 20, 2018.