New Frontier In Computing Conference (NFIC) 2017

Financial Technology: Hedging the Financial Storm


FinTech is the use of technology to disrupt, revolutionize, and evolve the financial industry. It runs a very wide range from mobile payment apps to high-frequency trading. It involves risk-management through mobile apps,  big data, bitcoin, banking consolidation, remittances, P2P, insurance, Federal Reserve policies and commerce. Many of these developments either rely on, align with, or serve the mobile and financial technology industry. The national trade wars and  market regulations with controls, tax rationalization, outsourcing, transfer pricing, banking consolidation, and plethora of  technologies innovation  from cloud and mobile apps will accelerate the trend fueling waves of storm.What do we need to develop secure, reliable and always available, financial services of the future?

In order to understand the profound changes taking place in the world of Financial Technology, NFIC 2017 will feature two interactive panel sessions led by recognized academic and industry experts, to discuss the state of the art and key issues in the near future. The opening panel will cover technical concepts such as bitcoin and block chain, as well as security and authentication. Our next panel will look at where we are going in the emerging cashless society, what policy & adoption challenges will need to be surmounted, and what solutions are likely to emerge.

The global availability of the cell phone for more than conversation combining communications with many other services such as financial transactions is going to transform our society, and especially financial behaviors in ways never thought possible.

Connect and talk with like-minded experts in the domain.

Three Key Themes:

NFIC-2017 Speech Title and Speakers:


Panel 1: FinTech Infrastructure (Big Data, Security, and P2P Network)

Keynote    Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University The Future of FinTech

Panel 2: FinTech Applications and Algorithms

Keynote     Kay Giesecke, Stanford University,  Machine Intelligence for Housing Finance

About NFIC Annual Conference:

The NFIC Annual Conference is a joint IEEE-NATEA conference on emerging technology. It is aimed to provide IEEE and NATEA members with an inexpensive solid overview of a technology that may affect their work and careers in the near future. Keeping up to speed, especially in Silicon Valley, is crucial for today’s engineers and scientists. Possessing adequate knowledge to make reasoned decisions regarding emerging technology’s importance plays an essential role in professional career success. The conference is organized to provide engineers and scientists with an effective means to achieve that goal.

For more information, visit UTHF Website: https://nfic-2017.ieeesiliconvalley.org/