New Frontier In Computing Conference (NFIC) 2019

Networks of the Future, Emerging Technologies for 5G and Beyond


The challenges of network connectivity and edge computing has driven research in Millimeter Waves, Small cells, MIMO, Beam-forming, Optical transport, semiconductor technologies and to help realize the 5G vision of tactile internet applications and beyond. Industry and governments are pushing to support wider & shared spectrum, massive & mission critical low latency sensitive, cloud-native, innovative mobile applications.

The globalization, immigration, energy security, punitive trade tariffs, and uncertain markets have disrupted the employment opportunities and lead to several political leaders trying to meet their national goals through protectionist policies and investing in local infrastructure for digital transformation, education & re-training in next frontiers in computation, communications & healthcare innovation.

To rein the massive costs of research and inventions, open source has become a vehicle for shared efforts to standardization for mass deployments of Infrastructure & newer Radio (NR, MEC, NSA/eNdodeB, SA/ gNodeB) and dis-aggregated Packet Core (vEPC) NFV/SDN Platforms. The DevOps, Micro Services, CI/CD and modular and agile ways to architect, design, build and deploy is the new norm.

In these dynamic challenging environment “Next Frontier in Computing -2019” our annual event brings to you the Industry and academic leaders who will throw light on newer perspective how providers are redefining and deploying 5G and Edge Services, emerging Photon Cell site routers and using Semiconductor Technologies for GPU/NPUs, Data Center & Cloud services Developers and Deployers who are translating the hardware and software with AI/ML and other emerging trends in AR/VR & persistent re-configurable and programmable devices.

NFIC-2019 Speech Title and Speakers:

“5G infrastructure and key research” — Dr. Ajith Amerasekera

Ajith is a director of UC Berkeley Wireless Research Center and an IEEE Fellow. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, he was Director of TI’s Kilby Labs and CTO of the High-Performance Analog Division.

“Are we ready for Edge Cloud and 5G?” — Jeni Panhorst

Jeni is the VP and GM of strategic planning & program management, network platforms group at Intel Corporation, leading a team of business and technical strategists, market intelligence analysts, product and technology planners, and program managers.

“Edge computing for data centers” — Anand Chandrasekher

Anand was a president at Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc.and chief marketing officer of Qualcomm Incorporated, He oversaw global marketing and external communications.

“5G Impact Beyond Technology” — Tom Tofigh
Tom Tofigh has been responsible for planning and implementation of large-scale telecommunications equipment He has extensive experience that spans across many disciplines including emerging 5G mobility networks, switches, cross-layer design, smart devices, and chip designs. Products introduced include innovative SDN solutions for mobile network devices, RAN, and access platforms.

Tom worked for AT&T as Principal Member of Technical Staff, his responsibilities spanned from Technical Program Management functions to detailed technical design and development of Mobile-CORD, 5G disaggregation, SDN/NFV strategy that required to keep the big picture in focus while being able to dive into the unique engineering challenges we face daily. As a Technical representative of AT&T at ONF, Tom helped with complex, multi-disciplinary integration projects. He planned requirements with internal stakeholders such as M-CORD, Packet Optical and lead Proof of Concepts (POCs) through the entire development lifecycle. Many times Tom was presenting at conferences explaining the open source and disaggregation benefits and methodologies & analyses and recommendations to the community discussing the technical trade-offs in product development with engineers. As a Subject Matter Expert in Telecommunications in Partnerships with our vendors and startups, HE worked closely with external Partners, Business Development, Product, Engineering, and Cross-functional teams to coordinate new product integrations and launches, develop and execute operational processes, and help scale partner on-boarding from early access through full launch phases. Tom has about 80 patents awarded and many more are pending.

“Photonics in computing” — Prof. Jelena Vuckovic

Jelena is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and by courtesy of Applied Physics at Stanford, where she leads the Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab, and is a director of Q-FARM, Stanford-SLAC Quantum Science and Engineering Initiative. She is also affiliated with Ginzton Lab, PULSE Institute, SIMES Institute, Stanford Photonics Research Center (SPRC), SystemX Alliance, and Bio-X at Stanford

“Content creation and consumption changes with 5G” — Amy LaMeyer

Amy is the Managing Partner of the WXR Fund, a venture fund focused on backing female-led startups building the future of computing in spatial computing and artificial intelligence, the Mentor for Boost VC, Women in VR/AR and others, the Advisor for Melodrive, Tribe XR, ARVR Academy and Maiden Voyage Productions, the Writer for Virtual Reality Pop, and the Creator of EnteringVR.net, a resource guide for learning about VR/AR.

“5G is broken!!! Can it be fixed?” — Brian Zahnstecher

Brian is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Chair of the IEEE SF Bay Area Power Electronics Society (PELS), and the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, system applications, OEM market penetration, and private seminars for power electronics.

About NFIC Annual Conference:

The NFIC Annual Conference is a joint IEEE-NATEA conference on emerging technology. It is aimed to provide IEEE and NATEA members with an inexpensive solid overview of a technology that may affect their work and careers in the near future. Keeping up to speed, especially in Silicon Valley, is crucial for today’s engineers and scientists. Possessing adequate knowledge to make reasoned decisions regarding emerging technology’s importance plays an essential role in professional career success. The conference is organized to provide engineers and scientists with an effective means to achieve that goal.