U.S. Taiwan High-Tech Forum (UTHF) 2016 Conference

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Real-World IoT Solutions


NATEA was proud to organize and host the 2016 U.S. Taiwan High-Tech Forum (UTHF) event with the theme to focus on accelerating Digital Transformation with real-world IoT Solutions. This one-day conference packed with thought leadership speakers and innovative solution providers eager to share their insight on this ever-evolving topic.

Program Agenda and Speakers:

Keynote: Intelligent Cloud and IoT

Sanjay Jacob, Global Lead, Intelligent Cloud and Strategic Industries, Microsoft

PART I – IoT and Smart City

PART II – IoT and Industry 4.0

PART III – IoT and Next Gen Low-Code Development Platform

PART IV – IoT Driven Entrepreneurship and Everyday Business Potential 

PART V – Panel Discussion

For more information, visit UTHF Website: www.uthf.org