Taiwan’s Energy Supply: The Current State and The Long-Term Forecast


To combat global warming and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the energy industry is evolving toward more renewables. Being a small island with frequent earthquakes and seasonal tornados, nuclear power is not a viable option for Taiwan. With the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving air pollution without nuclear power, Taiwan must be innovative and faces many challenges when trying to maintain a stable energy supply.

This talk started with an overview of the current power industry in Taiwan. The renewable energy policy that the government is pushing will be covered. Possible outcomes of this energy innovation endeavor will be discussed.


Dr. Kuor-Hsin Chang(張國鑫博士),Chairman of Star Buck Power Corp. Taiwan(台灣星元電力公司董事長)

Dr. Kuor-Hsin Chang is currently the Chairman of Star Buck Power Corp. in Taiwan (台灣星元電力公司). He is also a Board Member of Taiwan Cogen Corp. He was an active member of IEEE WLAN/WPAN standard committees, where he served as the technical editor of IEEE802.15.4g. He was also a chairman of the Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) Working Group of ZigBee Alliance. He was a NATEA board member in earlier times.