Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 PST


1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Cross Border Entrepreneurship

Learn from cross-border entrepreneurs who share their journey and emerging trends.

All talks will be given in English

Cost: $5 for general public (free for NATEA members, TAJCCNC members and students who bring student ID card at check-in)

Event Agenda

1:30-2:00pm: Registration & networking

2:00-2:30pm: Introductions

2:30-3:20pm: Speaker I

  • Elisa Chiu (CEO of Anchor Taiwan) – 20 for 2020: Hardware, Trade War & Why You Should Care

3:20-3:30pm: break time

3:30-4:20pm: Speaker II

  • Jon Huang (CEO of OpenAIFab) – AI Technology Overview and its Applications

4:20-5:00pm: Panel discussion

  • Jack Wu (co-founder & COO MPV Fastlane), Elisa Chiu, Jon Huang

5:00-5:30pm: Wrap-up & networking

Speaker I – 20 for 2020: Hardware, Trade War & Why You Should Care

In 20 slides, dive into the trends and opportunities from shifting sands in Asia in 2020. Elisa will go through her observations with Anchor Taiwan around hardware renaissance, supply chain management 2.0, and how the US-China trade war has been shaping up new implications between Silicon Valley and Taiwan.

Speaker Biography

Elisa Chiu is an entrepreneur and investor who operates at the intersection of tech innovation, strategic investment and cross-border collaboration. She sailed from Wall Street with a decade of experience at top tier investment banks and hedge funds, overseeing US$1 billion+ assets in Pan Pacific Asia. In 2017, she founded Anchor Taiwan, an award-winning platform to provide industry access and market immersion for soft landing in Asia. Elisa was awarded 40 Under 40 Women in Tech in 2018, and recognized as one of the 30 Women Power by New Taipei City Government in 2019.

Speaker II – AI Technology Overview and its Applications

Dr. Huang will provide an overview of latest AI technologies in Computer Vision and NLP. Further, a few interesting AI applications will be showcased.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Huang received his Ph.D. in PSU. He is now the founder of Open AI Fab and AI start-up company that aims to help SMEs achieve AI applications through subscription-based AI services. He was Chief Data Scientist and CTO. He is currently Assistant Professor in School of Data Management at Soochow University in Taiwan. He is the founding member of Open Source AI Association and also serves as AI consultant in Taiwanese Society of Suicidology and

Panelist Biography

Jack Wu is the Co-founder & COO of MVP Fastlane, a venture studio that helps not only early stage startups design their products and find their market fit, but also help funded startups build their cross-border team. He has helped a client launch their product in 6 months, got accepted by Techstars Accelerator and received $1.5M angel fund. He had also helped another client build heir cross-border team and was eventually acquired by PayPal with $4B.

For Elisa Chiu and Jon Huang, see earlier above.


This is a collaborative event co-hosted by NATEA Silicon Valley Chapter 北 美 台 灣 工 程 師 協 會矽谷分會 and TAJCCNC 北加州台灣青商會