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What Is 5G? How a New Wireless Technology Will Change the World!


Think about a world in which not just people but all things are connected: cars to the roads they are on; doctors to the personal medical devices of their patients; augmented reality available to help people shop and learn and explore wherever they are. This requires a massive increase in the level of connectivity.

5G is the technological answer, making possible billions of new connections, and making those connections secure and instantaneous. 5G will impact every industry – autos, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services, just to name a few. And 5G is purposely designed so that these industries can take advantage of cellular connectivity in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before, and to scale upwards as use of 5G expands.

In this seminar, we will share how 5G, AI and IoT can change the world and 5G key technology.


Gary Ni is an engineer who found his true passion in new technology. He spent 10+ years working in wireless communication industry. He is a Project Management Institute (PMI) member and certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Gary participated in Intel Next Generation Communication System development and commercialization. His interdisciplinary background covers RF, protocol and system engineering. Through his experience, he has been involved in Intel 5G and AI research and development, including mobilizing mmWave spectrum bands, OFDM-based unified air interface and best –in-class 5G NR prototype systems.

At the time of the seminar event, Gary also served as the Vice President of NATEA Silicon Valley Chapter 2019.

NATEA was proud to co-host this seminar event with TAITA and CIE-SF.


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