C. Jason Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Stanford Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
NATEA HQ Vice President (2020)

Dr. Wang is Director of the Center for Policy, Outcomes, and Prevention, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Stanford University. He also co-chairs the mobile health and other new technologies group at the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences.  He received his B.S. degree from MIT, medical doctorate from Harvard Medical School, and PhD degree in policy analysis from RAND.  After completing his pediatric residency training at the University of California, San Francisco, he worked in Greater China with McKinsey and Company. In 2000, he was recruited to serve as the project manager for the Taskforce on Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System. He is a past recipient of the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award for creating mobile apps for health.

Dr. Wang has written two bestselling popular books published in Taiwan (一個台灣小留學生到哈佛之路; 哈佛醫師報到) and co-authored an English book “Analysis of Healthcare Interventions that Change Patient Trajectories”.

He is a co-founder of MedicusTek, a global medical solutions company focusing on medical internet of things and patient safety.

Daniel Hong
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of CompathCath
NATEA Silicon Valley, Board of Director (2020)

Daniel Wei-Chen Hong completed his neurosurgeon training in National Taiwan University Hospital in 2006, and since then he applied endoscopic surgery technology in the treatment for hemorrhagic stroke, brain tumor, and intracranial aneurysm. Hong was a visiting assistant professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University from 2010-2012 through the Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship. At Stanford, Hong has applied the principals of design thinking in several interdisciplinary projects, such as Impact and Sustainability of Creative Capacity Building, Design for Service Innovation, Biodesign Innovation for Life, and Robotic Brain Keyhole Surgery.

In 2011, he co-founded CompactCath, a revolutionary urinary catheter solution. In 2014, he founded MOCACARE, with the vision to combine health, technology, design, and comfort into medical products and services. 

Jesse Shiah
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AgilePoint NATEA Silicon Valley, President (2019) and Vice President (2018)

DMy passion is to change the world, and I’ve been pursuing that passion since I founded AgilePoint, a global, Silicon Valley-based company that delivers disruptive no-code/low-code innovation to democratize software application development. The advancement aims to empower subject matter experts, enable cross-discipline innovation, and accelerate digital transformation. Moreover, my aspiration extends to bridging the digital divide and promoting more equal distribution of opportunities in the digital era. 

At AgilePoint, I have been blessed to be surrounded by a team of driven people who strive to incorporate the principles of relentless innovation for the benefit of our customers so that organizations of any size can attain and sustain operational success in the digital business era. Our innovation enables the ability to automate anything that can be automated and respond to changes quickly through democratized application development and innovation. 

The dotcom boom sparked the first wave of digitization for business. Its subsequent bust taught the business world that traditional development methods cannot enable digitalization at scale and deliver business agility. The dotcom bust spawned the birth of AgilePoint.  

Before AgilePoint, I was part of the initial team of the startup, DataViews, who pioneered the visual-based real-time decision support system. As VP of Product Marketing and International Operations, I helped architect its acquisition by GE. Before founding AgilePoint, I joined another startup, Uniscape, as the VP of Strategic Solutions. I launched a new product positioning and secured the funding from Sequoia Capital.  

Currently, I and our team at AgilePoint are continuing to push the envelope of no-code/low-code innovation into uncharted territories such as Blockchain and AIoT.

Yao-Hung Yang
Senior Director at Applied Materials
NATEA Silicon Valley, President (2018), Vice President (2017)

Yao-Hung Yang, former NATEA-SV president for year of 2018 and VP of 2017,  is currently the Senior Director at Applied Materials with responsibility in Semiconductor chambers related to Dielectric CVD/PECVD, Metal CVD/PVD, EPI, Conductor and dielectric Etch and CMP processes chambers and the associated critical components. His engineering development team is distributed globally in US California, Japan and India and also supported by parallel team from Korea, Singapore and Germany/Israel . Previously, Mr. Yang was Engineering Director and Director of Program Management at Veeco Instrument Corporation, responsible for Plasma Enhanced ALD applications on OLED Display and Semiconductor substrates utilizing innovative FAST-ALD technology.  

Yao-Hung started his semiconductor career as a mechanical design engineer, engineering project manager, engineering manager and program manager with Applied Materials and worked with all the major semiconductor companies including TSMC, Intel, Samsung electronics and many others.

Yao-Hung join Stanford University Design/Construction Integration Ph.D. program in 2000. He got Engineer Degree after his double Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering Design/Construction Integration (DCI) program. He also had his double Bachelor’s degrees from National Taiwan University from Civil Engineering and Bio-Environmental System’s Engineering Departments.

Yao-Hung holds 16 granted US and global patents and has 20+ semiconductor patents under process.  He is commissioner of for the Overseas Community Affairs Council to help US-Taiwan collaborations and is also serving as industrial advisor for US NGO organizations.

Larry Lin, Ph.D.
Former VP of Foxconn
Co-founder of TTI & ICF
NATEA Silicon Valley President (2002)
NATEA Think-Tank Chairman

Larry Lin is an entrepreneur and start-up founder for TTI & ICF with successful exit that was acquired by Foxconn, Inc.  From there, Larry served as a Vice President for Foxconn, Inc. until his retirement.  Larry has broad expertise in corporate development, product strategy and business development, among others.  Further, Larry enjoys mentoring start-up companies, fund-raising and merger and acquisitions.  His technical knowledge reaches across multiple industry sectors including Ink jet printer, lithography, semiconductors, LCD process and equipment.  Larry has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

Rockwell Hsu, Ph.D.
Cisco Technical Leader
NATEA Headquarter, President (2020)
NATEA Silicon Valley, President (2016)

Dr. Rockwell Hsu is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, Inc. where he is responsible for high-speed design for network line cards used in switches and routers and leads an initiative on advanced semiconductor packaging development for 112Gbps and beyond for network chips. Prior to Cisco, he led RF and server CPU packaging development at Intel and designed satellite antennas for Intelsat and Globalstar at Space Systems/Loral.

Dr. Hsu is a member of Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap contributing in High Performance Computing & Data Center and was the chair of the High-Speed, Wireless & Components Committee for the IEEE Electronic Component Technology Conference (ECTC) from 2010 to 2012. He was an invited speaker for ANSYS, Synopsys HSPICE SIG, IEEE ITherm, Semiconductor Research Corp., Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce – Northern California, Connecting Taiwan Forum, Global Technology and Industry Summit Forum in Taiwan.  Dr. Hsu is a past chair of Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society.  Dr. Hsu holds one US patent and received IEEE Third Millennium Medal.