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4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

[Taiwan Cinema Screening + Q&A] “Black Bear Forest”

[Taiwan Cinema Screening + Q&A]
🎥11/13 “Black Bear Forest”, English Subtitles, Q&A 4:30PM PST
【Details & free RSVP】
Watch the free documentary online streaming after Day 2 of UTHF, before you join our Q&A session with director Lee (Golden Horse Award winner) on that Saturday at 4:30PM. See more details with the above link. ”Aeroamphibious Taiwan Images“ Series, selected films with great love for humanity. Black Bear Forest 2016|127min|Color|Documentary|Mandarin, Bunun Every winter, the elusive Formosan black bear, Taiwan’s indigenous species, comes to the heart of Yushan National Park for food, giving the region its name as “the realm of bears”. Since 1998, ecologist HWANG Mei-Hsiu has been researching the bears in the harsh terrain with the help of aboriginal hunter LIN as her guide. Those days as a bear chaser have shed light on this rarely-seen national treasure, and also highlighted the problem of illegal hunting. This documentary is based on the diary HWANG kept during her fieldwork from 1998 to 2000. Filming began in 2011 and used close observation, interviews, research footage and animations to recreate the scenarios, while HWANG recounts the friendly relationship and rapport she had with LIN. Director LEE Hsiang-Hsiu spent six years capturing rare and precious footage including bears in their natural habitat, and even interacting with her camera. The pulses of life and the ever-changing breath of nature are all transported into this beautiful documentary.

🎬AÌ愛與包容「臺灣原住民族探索11」布農《黑熊森林》11/13週六 海外線上特映 李香秀導演Q&A 中英文字幕 🎬
來自有熊國度的動人故事 – 屏科大野生動物保育研究所“黑熊媽媽”黃美秀副教授與布農族國寶級獵人林淵源的玉山森林冒險

*鄉親們帶不同文化友人一起來看台灣電影!此次公播版權不可觀看地域:台灣、中國(不包含港、澳)。但歡迎任何地方朋友(包括此次無法觀影地區)參加Q&A臉書直播-台灣11/14 8:30AM 及視訊結束後-台灣11/24 10:00AM在Clubhouse的語音談話與自由發表。


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