NATEA Organization 2018-2019

Presently, NATEA has twelve regional chapters with more than 2200 members and six regional offices The regional chapters are located in :-

  • Silicon Valley
  • Southern California
  • St. Louis
  • Greater New York
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Greater Chicago area
  • Seattle
  • Ottawa and Toronto
  • Canada
  • North Carolina
  • Upper State New York
The regional offices are in Columbus, Detroit, San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada. Our members are mostly involved with critical technical and managerial positions in high-tech businesses as well as academic institutes. Noticeably, a great number of our members are founders and entrepreneurs of some of the most successful companies in the high-tech industries.

Officers (2018 - 2019):
Associated Chapter-- HQ Title Han Name English Name
NATEA- SC, HQ President 徐名璋 Rockwell Hsu
NATEA- Austin, HQ VP 王智弘 Jason Wang
NATEA- Dallas, HQ Secretary General 盧惠文 Vivian Lu
NATEA- SV, HQ Treasurer 陳雅恬 Angela Chen
NATEA- SV, Org. Development 林武吉 Larry Lin
President Emeritus and Executive Advisers
NATEA-SV, HQ President Emeritus 余金榜 John Yu
NATEA-SC, HQ Executive Advisor 林文政 Wen-Cheng Lin
NATEA-SV, HQ Executive Advisor 張鴻德 Tom Chang
NATEA-SV, HQ Executive Advisor 林鼎雄 Tim Lin
NATEA-SV, HQ Executive Advisor 塗百堅 James Tu
NATEA-Dallas, HQ Executive Advisor 張謙益 C Y Chang
NATEA-SV, HQ Executive Advisor 李正明 Jimmy Li
12 Regional Chapter Presidents; Designated Board Members
矽谷分會(NATEA-SV) President 夏鵬飛 Jesse Shiah
南加州分會(NATEA-SC) President 吳爾融 Erhrong Wu
聖路易分會(NATEA-St. Louis) President Chieh Cheng Shih
紐約分會(NATEA-Great New York) President 吳耿志 Keng Wu
紐約上州分會(NATEA-UNY) President 楊文良 Patrick Yang
伊利諾分會(NATEA-Illinois) President 王文隆 Wayne Wang
奧斯汀分會(NATEA-Austin) President 黃立達 Lida Huang
達拉斯分會(NATEA-Dallas) President 蘇嘉偉 Steve Su
西雅圖分會(NATEA-Seattle) President 黃明世 Davis Huang
北卡州分會(NATEA-North Carolina) President 吳森洲 Edwin Wu
渥太華分會(NATEA-Ottawa) President 邱昱翔 Charles Chiu
多倫多分會(NATEA-Toronto) President 鄭勝雄 Jim Cheng
Elected Board Members (2018--2019)
NATEA-SV 陳曉昇 Sheau Chen
NATEA-Dallas 張謙益 CY Chang
NATEA-SV 陳雅恬 Angela Chen
NATEA- SV 林武吉 Larry Lin
NATEA- SV 徐明璋 Rockwell Hsu
NATEA- Ottawa 閻公展 Frank Yeh
NATEA- St. Louis 謝政宗 J J Shieh
NATEA- Dallas 吳明基 Ming Chi Wu
NATEA- Dallas 呂維誠 Eric Lu
NATEA- SC 周實 Frank Chou
Regional Business Center Directors
ATEA-Denver Business Center 林鼎雄 Tim Lin

Honorary Council Members

  • Yuan-Tseh Lee, Ph.D. , (李遠哲, Chemistry Nobel Laureate)
  • Teresa H. Meng, Ph.D., (孟懷榮, Professor at Stanford University, Academician of Taiwan Academia Sinica, Stanford, USA)
  • Peter (Chung-Yu) Wu, Ph.D., (吳重雨, President of NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan)
  • Jei-Fu Shaw, Ph.D., (蕭介夫. Former President of NCHU, Taichung, Taiwan)
  • Hung-Duen Yang, Ph.D., (楊弘敦, Former President of NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
  • Johnsee Lee, Ph.D., (李鐘熙, Former President of ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan)
  • Jyh-Sheng Ke, Ph.D., (柯志昇, Former President of I I I, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • San-Cheng Chang, Ph.D. (張善政, 台灣行政院科技部前部長, Minister of Science and Technology Former Ministry, Former Premier of The Executive Yuan, Taiwan)


  • Huei Pei Kuo, Ph.D.
  • John Yu Ph.D.
  • Tim T. Lin
  • Tom Chang
  • James Tu
  • Jimmy Li, Ph.D
  • Linfu Cheng, Ph.D.

    NATEA-HQ Executive Committee (2017 ~ 2018)

  • Sheau Chen: 陳曉昇
  • Chin-Linag Chang: 張清良
  • John Yu: 余金榜
  • Tom Chang: 張鴻德
  • Tim Lin: 林鼎雄
  • C Y Chang: 張謙益
  • Larry Lin: 林武吉
  • Keng Wu: 吳耿志
  • Ming-chi Wu: 吳明基

    NATEA-HQ Staff Member:

  • Ting Lo: 羅庭


  • 1991: John Pang Yu, Ph.D. 余金榜
  • 1992: John Pang Yu, Ph.D. 余金榜
  • 1993: Alvin T. Shih, Ph.D. 施天墩
  • 1994: Jerry J. Hsiau 蕭吉源
  • 1995: Ching C. Lai, Ph.D. 賴景宗
  • 1996: Eugene Yeh, Ph.D. 葉俊雄
  • 1997: Yea-Hwang Uang, Ph.D. 汪雅煌
  • 1998: Jhitang Steve Chen, Ph.D. 陳濟棠
  • 1999: Jimmy C. Li, Ph.D. 李正明
  • 2000: James Tu 塗百堅
  • 2001: Julie Chen 游純如

  • 2002~2003: Jimmy C. Li, Ph.D. 李正明
  • 2004~2005: Sheau Chen, Ph.D. 陳曉昇
  • 2006~2007: Tom Chang 張鴻德
  • 2008~2009: Tim Lin, 林鼎雄
  • 2010~2011: James Tu, 塗百堅
  • 2012~2013: C Y Chang, 張謙益
  • 2014~2015: Joe Chou Ph.D. 周信結
  • 2016~2017: Ching Shieh, 謝清志



Ching-Liang Chang, Ph.D. (張清良)

President (2018-2019), NATEA-HQ (Headquarters, North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association

Chin-Liang Chang (Chin Chang or CL Chang), received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1967 from the University of California, Berkeley under the advice of Professor Lotfi A Zadeh, the inventor of fuzzy set. One major publication when he was there: Fuzzy Topological Spaces. This concept has been followed by many authors and blossomed into an extensive literature in pure mathematics. For a historical remark, please read .

From 1967 to 1974, he was with the Division of Computer Research and Technology at the National Institutes of Health, doing artificial intelligence and logic research on providing medical services (e.g. doctors' advices) to patients in rural areas through communication lines. Considering that the Relational Database Systems weren't marketed until 1980 and that the Internet didn't really start until 1995, this kind of research was quite pioneering at the time. As he looks back from now, the current Prolog and MySQL on a server and Internet will fit perfectly with the logic research he did at that time. One major publication when he was there: There is an input proof if and only if there is an unit proof. This can support the input proof strategy of Prolog because most applications contain many unit clauses (e.g. rows of tables in a relational database.)

From 1974 to 1985, Dr. Chang was with IBM San Jose Research Laboratory, working on development projects related to relational databases. This was the beginning of IBM's push for SQL, which became the most used database system in the world. One major publication when he was there: The DEDUCE language was used as a target language for a Natural Language Query System led by IBM Fellow, E.F. Codd, the inventor of the relational database model.

From 1985 to 1992, he was with Lockheed, where as co-principal investigators, Rolf Stachowitz and I received a 1.5 million dollar Defense Department contract to do testing and validation of large software systems. One major idea developed: A representation of the parse tree of a program in a relational database. Requirements and abnormalies can be expressed in forms of database queries.

From 1992 to the present, with some supports from friends, I founded a software company called Nicesoft Corporation, and has placed his efforts into the development of various Internet application software products listed as follows:

  • Compilers of fuzzy programs.
  • StockPal and Stockpal - Taiwan for stock quoting, charting, technical analysis, and portfolio management. Previously, I used free stock quotes and historical data from Yahoo. Now, Yahoo was bought by Verizon and they stopped this service. I can change my software if I can get new data sources.
  • Software for browsing large category (directory) trees.
  • Website ( ) for searching 7 different database (business cards, yellow pages, directories, 200,000 websites, photo albums, coupons, and articles linked to other websites or blogs written by users of this website. Now, he has splitted it into many websites: Search engines for local business and local coupons, directories and big-tree category browsing, patent search, photo albums and blogs.
  • Website for online market place ( ).
  • 4-Language Dictionary for Taiwan ( ).
  • Software for image recognition.
  • Development of Massively Parallel Array Processors.
  • Office at Kaohsiung Software Park bought in 2008.

Dr. Chang published/co-published the following four (4) books

  • Chin-Liang Chang and Richard C.T. Lee, "Symbolic Logic and Mechanical Theorem Proving," Academic Press, 1973.
  • Chin-Liang Chang, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Techniques," JMA Press, 1985.
  • Chin-Liang Chang, "Fuzzy-Logic-Based Programming," World Scientific, 1997.
  • Chin-Liang Chang, "Applications of Fuzzy Similarity and My Internet Products," Nicesoft Corporation, 2015.

and about 50 papers in Artificial Intelligence, Database, and Software Engineering. I also wrote blogs and posted photo albums on my website. I frequently participate in discussions in the Berkeley Initiative of Soft Computing (BISC) group.


Jason Wang, MD, PhD (王智弘)

Vice President (2017- 2018), NATEA-HQ (Headquarters, North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association)

Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Director, Center for Policy, Outcomes, and Prevention; Core-Faculty, Center for Health Policy, Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

C. Jason Wang, M.D., Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Center for Policy, Outcomes, and Prevention at Stanford University. He received his B.S. from MIT, M.D. from Harvard Medical School, and Ph.D. in policy analysis from RAND. After completing his pediatric residency training at UCSF, he worked in Greater China with McKinsey and Company, during which time he performed multiple studies in the Asian healthcare market. In 2000, he was recruited to serve as the project manager for the Taskforce on Reforming Taiwan's National Health Insurance System. His fellowship training in health services research included the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and the National Research Service Award Fellowship at UCLA. His research interests include: 1) developing tools for assessing and improving the value of healthcare; 2) facilitating the use of mHealth in improving quality of care; 3) studying competency-based medical education curriculum, and 4) healthcare reform.

During the past five years, he has built a HABIT laboratory (Health Analytics, Behavioral Interventions and Technology) at Boston University and Stanford University. In the HABIT lab, Dr. Wang worked with designers, engineers, doctors and nurses and patient/families to develop and refine a web portal, “Technology to Advance Children’s Health (TeACH)” that provides families of preterm infants with a software platform to assist them in the coordination of care and social networking for emotional support. Under the auspices of the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, he is working on a mobile technology platform that use “hooks” and “nudges” in behavioral economics and theory-based behavioral constructs to motivate children in healthy behaviors, and to improve medication adherence for people with chronic diseases.

Dr. Wang has written two bestselling popular books published in Taiwan (一個台灣小留 學生到哈佛之路; 哈佛醫師報到), and co-authored an English book “Analysis of Healthcare Interventions that Change Patient Trajectories”. His essay, "Time is Ripe for Increased U.S.-China Cooperation in Health," was selected as the first-place American essay in the 2003 A. Doak Barnett Memorial Essay Contest sponsored by the National Committee on United States-China Relations.

Dr. Wang has written two bestselling popular books published in Taiwan (一個台灣小留 學生到哈佛之路; 哈佛醫師報到), and co-authored an English book “Analysis of Healthcare Interventions that Change Patient Trajectories”. His essay, "Time is Ripe for Increased U.S.-China Cooperation in Health," was selected as the first-place American essay in the 2003 A. Doak Barnett Memorial Essay Contest sponsored by the National Committee on United States-China Relations.


John Pang Yu, Ph.D. (余金榜) - President Emeritus


  • Hsinchu High School;
  • National Taipei University of Technology;
  • Kansas State University, USA (BSEE & MSEE);
  • The University of Connecticut, USA (Ph.D. in EE)


  • 2004 to Present: Limited Partner for the Emerging Technologies Cooperative, Inc., Managing hi-tech business transaction, focusing on VoIP, Set-Top Box, triple play technologies, digital content and video conferencing, data communication, Internet Protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS), wire-line and wireless broadband access communications.
  • 1985 to 2004: Vice President of Engineering & Chief Engineer managing new engineering departments at major corporations and start-ups in Silicon Valley such as, Electro Sound Corp., NEC Technology Research Center, Intel Corp. and most recently Lucent Technologies; designing and developing Core and Edge Network product lines, video / computer graphics products, first generation of TFT color notebook computers, computer graphics display monitors, computer telephony integration (CTI) voice, fax, data telecom product lines.
  • 1975 to 1985: Senior MTS & Project Manager: Focusing on design and development of consumer electronics such as TV transmitters, home communications picture phones, videotext interactive terminals, laser video disc recording standards & magnetic systems at AT&T Bell Laboratories.
  • Granted 10 (ten) US and corresponding foreign patents related to broadband wire-line and wireless home communications.
  • Published numerous technical papers on Voice over IP (VoIP), video teleconferencing, digital signal processing, multimedia communications and triple play technologies.


  • Initiated and founded the North America Taiwanese Engineers' Association (NATEA) in 1991 to grow its membership from less than 100 to more than 2000 with 12 Regional Chapters across North America in 2009.
  • Planned annual US Taiwan High-Tech Summit Forums in Taiwan since 2002, co-sponsored by NATEA, TAITA-SV, National Science Council (NSC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITRI, III, NCTU, NCHU, and Taiwan Industrial Technology Association.
  • Presented technology-related keynote speeches in Taiwan at US Taiwan Technology and Industry Summit Forum, Institute for Information Industry (I I I), Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Southern Taiwan University of Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, National Chung Hsing University, National Taichung University, Southern Taiwan University of Technology, and many others.
  • Participated in several key Taiwanese American community services and engineering professional organizations such as: Commissioner of Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission of Taiwan and Senior Adviser of National Applied Research Laboratory (NARL) in Taiwan.
  • Promoted the Faculty and Student Exchange Programs between UC Berkeley and National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.
  • Founding President of Worldwide Taiwanese Science and Technology Association (WTSTA).
  • Commissioner and Vice-Chair of Santa Clara County / Hsinchu Sister-County Commission.
  • NATEA Adviser; Board member of IEEE-Engineering Management Society; Member of IEEE-Computer Society.