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John Pang Yu, Ph.D.

NATEA HQ, President (2022)


John Pang Yu received his high school education from Hsinchu High School; his

undergraduate education from the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan, and

earned his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering respectively from Kansas

State University and the University of Connecticut, USA.



Prior to forming the Emerging Technology, 2012 as a Partner in Silicon Valley, John

had been with AT&T Bell Laboratories in East Coast, NEC Research Laboratory, Intel

Corporation and Lucent Technologies all in Silicon Valley assuming different

responsibilities ranging from Distinguished Member of Technical Staff / Project Manager,

Chief Engineer, Director of Engineering and Vice President of Engineering.



John was the Founding President of North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science

Association (NATEA) serving from 1991 to 1992. He is the President Emeritus and an

advisor of NATEA-HQ since 2014. It is worthwhile noting that John was one of the three

Founding Council Members to establish the New Frontiers in Computing (NFIC)

Conference associated with IEEE Computer Society in Silicon Valley with holding

different conference theme annually since 1999.



John was the Vice Chair of the Hsinchu – Santa Clara County Sister County Commission

in years 2006 and 2007; a Commissioner (僑務委員) of Overseas Community Affairs

Commission (OCAC) from 2002 through 2008, and now the Advisory Commissioner of

OCAC; a Senior Advisor of National Applied Research Laboratory (a Division of Ministry

of Science and Technology) from 2007 to 2008 in Taiwan; the two terms of the Northern

California Chapter President and the Central Committee Member of the Formosan

Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) in 1990s; the President of Taiwanese Hakka Association in Northern California in 1980s.

Yao-Hung Yang, Ph.D.

NATEA HQ, Vice President (2022)

An engineering professional with Can-Do spirit who has strong prioritization,

multitasking, problem-solving and organizational skills. Excellent sense of urgency

and sense of ownership!

– 17+ years Project/Program/Portfolio Management with solid 21 years on engineering

design & development background and extended Engineering Operations & Supply

chain experience. Responsible for the spend of $1.3B with 30+ direct reports and

~170 indirect reports engineering professionals

– Demonstrated strong leadership in managing large, complex projects. Great

interpersonal skill that brings talents from multiple disciplines and geographiesa

(India, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, US East coast and Bay Area) together developed

products from concept, prototype to production.

– Excelled in dynamic, fast paced working environment, manage cross-functional


– Solid new product R&D background in the semiconductor capital equipment &

Inkject LCD color filter equipment development. Expertise in mechanical design of

complex vacuum, CVD, PECVD, Plasma Etch, ALD / RF plasma / UV Curing

systems and CMP/PVD/FEP/EPI reactors and critical components development

– Multi-lingual skill and extensive experience working with global / cross-functional

teams, Experienced Engineering Program Manager for multiple customers including

TSMC /Samsung/Intel and other major customers.


Short experience:

– [Applied Materials] Senior Director of Engineering (AMAT-US, AMI-India & AMK-Korea) 2006-present
– [Veeco Instrument] ALD PBG Director of Engineering & Program Management, 14-17’
– [NATEA] life-time member, 2018 president, 2004 – present
– [OCAC] Taiwan’s Overseas Community Affairs Council, Associate Adviser, 2018 –


– [TCCSFBA] Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce San Francisco Bay Area, industrial

advisor, 2020 – present

– [Stanford University] MSME, MSCE & EngD

– [National Taiwan Univeristy] Dual Bachelors in Civil Eng’g + Bio-Environmental

Systems Engineering

– 26+ US and multi-national patents Linkedin:

Ya Tien Angela Chen, MS

NATEA HQ, Treasurer (2022);  Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Ya Tien Angela Chen is a Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Her research is focused on the development of Human Identification products and robotic platform migration.  Before joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, Angela was the scientist in Genomic Health to develop the Oncotype DX breast, colon and prostate cancer products and NGS products for early cancer detection